Village History

Historians: 607-771-8233


The village is constantly looking for any materials that are or may be related to the history of the village. Please contact one of our Historians if you have any old newspaper articles, photographs or documents that have anything to do with the past of Port Dickinson. Even if you have something that you think might not be of interest, we urge you to contact one of the Historians to describe what you have. They will, at your convenience, pick up your item(s), scan or photograph it, and return it to you, normally within 24 hours.

Veterans Memorial Project: we are searching for the names of all village residents who served in the U.S. Military, during all wars, who lost their lives while serving. Please contact one of the Village Historians to provide as much information as possible regarding a relative, or someone you knew, who was a resident of Port Dickinson and died in service to our country during a war.

A written History of the Town of Dickinson, provided by the Town, dated 1976. It does include some information and a photo of the Village of Port Dickinson.